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Having new clothes can be a reason to feel great and be extra confident. However, your favorite T-shirt can fade over time, which is why you should take of your items.


Purchasing higher quality fashion can be the first step to make sure an item last long. Cheap or artificially fabrics will be a lot less likely to be wearable for a long time. This is why `TRILLYCLUB uses high quality fabrics. Not only do our fabrics feel and look better, they are meant for a long lifespan.


Here are 10 steps to extend the lifespan of your clothes, so you can shine for a longer time in your favorite T-shirt.


#1. Hand wash your items.

Hand washing can be a lot of work, but it does pay off in the long run. Not only will this avoid cracks and fading, you are also keeping the texture of the clothing intact.


#2. Select the right program on your washing machine.

If you wash your items in the washing machine, make sure to select the correct setting. Short programs can be just as good as longer programs and save the quality of your items.


#3. Don’t use too much fabric softener.

Too much fabric softener can ruin the texture of the item. Make sure to follow the details on the fabric softener bottle.


#4. Don’t wear an item for too long.

Wearing an items for too long can cause more bacteria in the item, which makes it harder to clean.


#5. Turn your clothes inside out when washing.

Turning your items inside out, this will help you to save print and colors.


#6. Don’t put to many items in the washing machine.

An overcrowded washing machine can be bad for the shape and texture of the item.


#7. Wash your items as soon as possible.

After wearing, try to wash the clothes as soon as possible. This makes it easier to get rid of stains, since they have less time to nest them self into the fabric.


#8. Zip the zippers on items in the washing machine.

Open zippers can cause holes in other items at the high rotation speed of the washing machine.


#9. Dry it the right way.

Don’t tumble dry your clothing, unless it’s specified, dry hang your items.


#10. Stick to the script.

Maybe a simple tip, but always follow the washing label in the items you are washing. Washing the item on a higher temperature can ruin the whole piece, so check the label.

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